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Get Scared!!!

its been awhile but here we go....
went to Fright Night at PNE had a blast!!

yup, I luv hugging monsters ;)

For a week or so, going through withdrawl of sorts since I ran out of my usual candy (meds) so I'm seeing the DR. tomorrow (today technically) so I can finally get more. She's been on holiday so this was the earliest date to see her. GRRR.

I rediscovered a band that I liked but didn't figure out what thier names were until now....
they're awsome!! they have a jazzy butt-shakin kinda music that I can't get enough of. They only have 3 members and are a newish band but I have faith in them to get big very soon. . . I hope. The singer is one of those crazy, eccentric, energetic kinda vocalist which just makes them all the more fantastic > : ) their vids make me smile a little, they're a little silly in a bizarre way ;D they are more of a new age "emo" band but with a different flavour. I definatly recommend that you check them out along with these other bands:

Black Veil Brides (everyone knows them)
Deathstars (older band)
Dommin (singer is a sweet heart)
Vampires Everywhere! (they're alot of fun!)

you're bound to like one of them :3

Getting ready for Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!! will take pictures of our set-up 'Circus Macabre'....more to come...

Sandwich de 120 pun?

Yes, I just wanted to post about my favorite band ever.

Sandwich de 120 pun? (translates to sandwich of 120 minutes)
Tue May 24, 2011, 6:55 AM by ~YuukiYotobari
Not only are they going to release a new full-album in July, but also hold a commemorative sponsored tour!

Firstly, the full-album will go on sale on July 27th under the title 「ネバーランド」(Neverland). It will include 13 songs and will cost 3150 yen.

You can even listen to one song’s sample at Shattered-Tranquility.net

information from:

This band is made up members of former band "Himitsu Kessha Codomo A" (who seperated in 2007) which then became Kibouya Honpo (which dissolved in 2009). Now the vocalist, guitar & bassist remain together to create their new project, Sanpun (nickname for band:heart:)

official site:

They are just a really really happy, cheerful, cute band that always makes me smile. I've seen them live in Japan a couple times so I know for a fact that their shows are a whole lot of fun! Each concert is like a party and even the fans are all sweethearts (even if you're a forigner). I haven't really fallen in love with a band this much for a long time and I don't think they'll ever be replaced.

They have a few songs up on youtube so please check them out if you're bored! :iconbunnylaplz:
their official youtube channel:


Sooooo, I wasn't very active the last week, why? Because a concert came up that I didn't realize was so near!! .......on haitus for 5 years, suddenly System of a Down announced a tour and they were coming near our town so of course we bought tickets (a few months back) but the day came so sooon. We took off yesterday a few hours before doors would open just so we'd be there in time. We were blessed with sunny weather and ate outdoors and shared crumbs with birdies *tweet tweet*

After taking random silly pictures

(yes, this is a tradition) and getting pics taken with 'Canadian Race' contestents (it was just for a random company who does it every year for fun) then found the tour buses parking in and watched for a while but knew the band wouldn't come out for a while. Then decided to find out gate where we would be let in and chatted it up with some kids from Victoria who were also seeing SOAD for the first time as well....but they were somewhat younger than us XD (of course).

When we were let in, guess where we ended up? Front row ON the bar.

Yup. We were like OMG. How do we get this lucky EVERY concert?!?!?!?! Unfortunatly this was an all ages show which meant there was loads of imature, drunk, drugged kids behind us who started pushing and being retarded even before the opening band came on. The opening band, Gogol Bordello, were like Celtic Pirates or something! XD they were very high energy and entertaining but of course that was an excuse for the asses behind us to start elbowing us and pushing us in the back, why? because OH, they were 'dancing'. Yeah. I'm sure. Assholes.

We were in a bad spot for crowd-surfers because they kept coming over us, rolling, kicking, you name it. Hiku got kicked hard in the face and more than once the security guards made sure we were ok. We tried covering our heads when we saw the guards come up to us to take out a surfer...a few of them gave them angry shoves after they pulled them from the crowd. Oy. There were times when I just wanted to get out of there but of course didn't want to since the set list was amazing and, hell, I wasn't missing a minute of it. One guy behind me was putting an arm on my head and pushing the side of my face with it. I ended up twisting his wrist with both hands to get him out of my face. Gawd. Yes, I'm vicious at shows if there's an asshole behind me...or several in this case >: [

They played songs from every album which was fantastic and Serj is such a happy boogie woogie man, always smiling and all! XD I could help smiling myself. Then there's Daron the guitarist. He's insaaaane!! We concluded that he's a fairy wizard...or something. He fluttered, pranced, danced, spun around the stage for the whole show, never ceasing to entertain us! XD (we were on his side of the stage for a reason) He threw in 2 towels which failed to reach the crowd but I asked the security guard if I could have one which I got, shoved it in my shirt ;D the other one, was tossed to Hiku because we were well behaved Security guards tend to appreciate us at shows for that...and we get presents! ^^ tee hee

And so, the show went for the full legnth with NO FUCKIN BREAKS! ! ! I dunno how the guys could keep it up! I was almost dead and dying by the time the show ended. No encore but not suprised. It was one long stretch. WOWEEE. After purchasing shirts each, headed out to 7-eleven for hydration. When we went in the line-up circled ALL the way around the store...so this is what happened.

*grabbed drinks*
me: I'm drinking some of this now! *gulp gulp*
Hiku: Good idea. *gulp gulp*
me: Dude, I'm tempted to just leave instead of waiting for the line to end...
Hiku: I'm almost done mine already.
me: *finishes drink* um, hey, let's look at the sandwiches...*shoves empty bottle somewhere casually*
Hiku: *finds a bottle depositer and drops empty there* XD (a good hiding place, hur hur*
me: hmmm, look there's this sandwhich, and this...
Hiku: mmhhhmmmm...
me: ok, let's go. Scuse me, scuse me. *weaves through crowd out the door*
Hiku: *grin*
me: *grin*


Today, slept till noon. Watched 'Tekken movie" (the animated one from 90's) then took another nap till 7pm....now I might go to bed...again. Omg, sooo sore and bruised! XD but sooo worth it! XD

oh yeah, and Jig the sheep has chosen you to play a game...

Wide Awake

Haven't posted here forever....updates, not a whole lot. Got sick, got better, still unemployed. Yup.
Also, I just found out there was a huge earthquake in Japan. All the trains are stopped so it was pretty serious! (* , *) I hope everyone is ok. I've heard from one friend so far...maybe that's why I woke up?? Who knows.

So I decided to go to bed early like a good munchkin and fell asleep soon after reading for a bit. Had the most fxxked up dream. WARNING: this is long.

I decided to take a bath & it turns out that my bath tub is more like a waterslide (the tunnel kind) & down I went & came to the end where there was a door. Now I had been down this bath slide before but it had led to an empty hallway that eventually led back to upstairs & such. This time I guess I had gone farther down or exited the wrong door.
I came out in a school hallway, school was in session (even though it was nighttime), and I just had my 2 towels with me. I strolled through the hallway trying to look casual & not draw attention to myself & it seemed to work miraculously. I noticed that the school was under maintenance on some parts. I went to see if I could find a way out through those areas.
I climbed over gaping holes and pipes & the construction workers didn't seem to notice or care?? I had at this point cleverly tied the towels so that they covered me quite modestly. I came to an open area what looked like had been a water park or something before the school was built. There was a huge body of water where all the pipes led down to. Being super-human or just crazy, I decided that if I climb up the main parts of the pipes and follow them to where they start, I'd find my way out.
I somehow manage to jump from one pipe to another as well as dangle & fling myself to the other pipes and then end up on the top where it over-looked a open area of a factory of some kind. I was covered in dirt and mud that had been on the pipes & I was very tempted to wash myself in the clear blue pools that seemed to be abundant in this factory.
The pools had something like lawn chairs fixed above the water. There were some workers stretched out and relaxing on these but they were fully clad. I noticed when the lawnchairs were activated, they lowered down into the pool & the water warmed up & bubbled like a hot-tub. It was very tempting but I decide that I'd look for help or directions instead. I found a woman who seemed approachable & she didn't seem suprised or shocked when I explained to her that I have a bath that leads to here...
Next I appeared outside the factory in a part of town that looked familiar. I got excited & quickly started walking up the street while the woman called after me that she can give me furthur directions or even call someone but I assured her that it wouldn't be nessacary. Stupid me.
I then noticed that the part of town had merely looked familiar but I wasn't completely sure where I was. Before I started panicking I thought that I could probably catch a bus that would come by sooner or later. I continued walking & turned a street that happened to be where the town college was. I was shocked that I had travelled this far away from my house in my bath water slide. I was a little confused as well at this. I would have to backtrack & eventually find my way back .
I saw that the college was still mostly locked up since it was only about 5am at this point but I saw some kids climbing over the fence so I did the same. I ended up in an area that was strange to me & finally accepted that I was lost. The next thing that seemed most important to find was food (you know, because that's what you do when you're lost, right??) & figure out the bus route.
The sun was rising & I came across a rickety fence where on top there were some bus scheduals (how conveniant) so I decided to get up there. I ended up having to hoist myself up, take some scheduals, & hoist myself over the fence which seemed to crumble in my hands if I leaned on it. Seeing that there were houses inside the fenced off area, I decided to look for food. I didn't come across anything & just managed to knock down some flower pots & risked myself getting caught (so now I was trying not to be seen??)
Running back to the fence I saw that the tree leaning against it was an apple tree with a blackberry bush growing beside it. FOOD! Most of the apples were rotten but I managed to find a few good bites & a mouthful of berries but I was STILL HUNGRY!!!
By now I was filthy & I felt like a house-elf with my teacozy of an outfit. I ran down some unfamiliar streets trying to use the map in the bus schedual to find my way. Then I came to a street that I could not resist going down. I had never seen it in my life but I suddenly got very excited. It was a street with all the houses decorated in an Easter theme. It was gorgeous & looked good enough to eat. Pink, yellow, green houses lined the street with the yards displaying decorations on the trees & lawn. I even came across a huge doll-house type display with all kinds of rooms. It was for some event or something but I ran in hoping to find food & also thinking that I could stay here & use the beds to sleep if I needed to. That was short-lived when I saw a woman & child enter the building to set something else up & the woman called after me as I ran out to escape.
I ran into another yard where I saw it decorated with Halloween decor (wtf) but I was thrilled to see the tree in to yard had all kinds of candy hanging from the branches. It did occur to me that the candy was probably old but I didn't care. I snatched candy off greedily, stuffing my face & putting some away for later. It was a weeping willow or something because the branches hung down & I was hidden but could see through them. I heard the people of the house discuss that the tree should be trimmed soon because it was overgrown. I flattened myself on the ground as the man came out & began trimming the tree. The branches with the candies fell around me & I stuffed a few more candies away. I backed away from the shears as they came closer to me.
The falling candies & branches fell around me & then the suprised face of the man appeared infront of me & not waiting, I scrambled out from under the tree & ran off, dropping most of the candy. (darn)
I suddenly appeared back at the college only now the grounds was transformed into an ancient village of some sort. I was surrounded by villagers who had apparently captured me. They were mocking me & saying that I wasn't allowed to leave until I went through with their tournament. The tournament turns out was to fight against a young male who was also captured. I think they didn't realize that I was a female (wut?) because I was filthy, wrapped in my cleverly tied towel outfit & had aquired headgear somewhere along the way. I guess it was a convincing disguise...
The young prisoner I was to fight against was a bit wild. He was almost animalistic which may have been caused from being tortured in captivity. He was thrashing to get free from his bindings, ready to tear my throat out. I wasn't sure what to do & from what I understood, my captors called the combat 'Naked Tiger Fight' which I assumed 'naked' was that we had no weapons...so hand-to-hand combat?
The young man was wild enough to be a tiger as he continued thrashing against his captors. We were led into a shallow flooded rink which was like a large puddle & the villageres surrounded it to watch the 'fight'. I was at one end & the human tiger was released at the other end. He leapt forward & launched himself at me. The only thing to do was jump out of the way & roll to safety. There wasn't a whole lot of room and soon I was soaked & my hair hung dripping around my face. My opponant wasn't giving up & soon I was pinned down in the water with nowhere to go. Was I going to die? I hadn't thought of it but I was completely soaked & my towel outfit betrayed my gender. The young man's wild expression suddenly changed to confusion & curiosity. He reached down carefully & touched my face gently. The villagers suddenly started shouting angrily &.....I woke up.

ARRGH!! DX yeah, so there you have it. One fxxked up dream in a span of a two hour sleep. Now I'm wide awake drinking tea & typing.

Pumpkin Bandits

Two suspicious animals identified to be a large sheep and fox were seen sneaking up and down several subdivisions a few evenings past. There were no witnesses except for a cat who claims that he had been sitting in the window beside the front door, the large fox came up to his driveway. The cat suspects that the fox stole a pumpkin but he hadn't stayed long enough in the window to watch the actual theft.

At another house there were three uncarved pumpkins but after the two animals passed, only two were left. The largest pumpkin had been disturbed but seeing that it was flawed, it was left along with the other small pumpkin. The car in the parking lot tried to stop the animals by setting off the alarm but by then the two bandits were far down the street now carrying a pumpkin each.

The two were seen near some apartment buildings and a pumpkin from two households dissapeared. The suspects were seen trotting to one of the apartments carrying two pumpkins in each arm. Since it is after Halloween, the animal suspects will not be pursued. Authorities came to the conclusion that only uncarved pumpkins were the objects of desire and warned anyone to either carve the pumpkins or take them inside their households. Victims agreed not to press charges and stated that they would carve any pumpkins they aquire in the coming years on Halloween to avoid the Pumpkin Bandits from ever visiting them.

Trick or Treat

It's officially Halloween and what am I doing?? Watching Slipknot press conference when they lost Paul Gray. Yes, I'm bawling my eyes out and being thankful that I saw them last October as the full member band. Unfortunatly, while I was able to see them, the one who bought the tickets and was a true maggot was unable to go. I feel so bad that she wasn't able to experiance this crazy band as a whole as I did. I rockd out and screamed as much as my body allowed but I still wish that she could have been there with me to share the energy and insanity of that concert.

At the moment Slipknot is on hiatus and who knows when they will perform again but I hope and pray that they will become active soon so that I can see them live once more but along with my maggot, the true maggot who talked me into seeing Slipknot in the first place. I was actually not sure if I'd go because it would have been my first metal show in North America. I did go with a friend who appreciated the music but we didn't participate in the pit but at least this way I was able to see the band on the large stage in all its glory. I want to pay some sort of tribute to Paul Grey even though I don't think I can call myself a true maggot, but Slipknot is a band that has been with me since early highschool. Recently, as I became older and more appreciative of the 'original' bands, especially the heavier ones who stayed that way, Slipknot became more and more inspirational to me. There are several fans who only enjoy certain albums but I believe that with Slipknot, there's a treat on eat album a treasure.

Recently, I have a growing love for movie serial killers, especially the ones with troubled childhoods and it just reminds me of another reason why I love Slipknot. They are like the enbodiment of all the horror movies I've enjoyed for years. They are like the representation of all those serial killers that live on as horror icons in the movie world. What's even more amazing is that Slipknot is not only a painting of these characters come to life but also a musical interpretation of them as well the disgusting filth of the world and everything wrong with human beings. They are the darkness but also the outlet of anger and sadness of the soul.

I could keep going on ranting and being depressed but I can't stay depressed, I should instead be inspired to keep pushing on and pursuing my goals. Hope to do so starting Monday. Have to admit, other than Slipknot last year, this October was definatly more enjoyable than the shitty one we had to endure a year ago. I hope that by next October I will already have one project well on the way. One of my main goals in life and Slipknot will continue to be an inspiration.

I believe that there is still a future with Slipknot even with the loss of their brother. This may not mean anything or seem relavant but X Japan is a good example. I never dreamed that I'd see them in Vancouver but it happened and I pray and hope with all my heart that it will be the same with Slipknot. I hope that we will all reunite and experiance their energy in the not so distant future.

Happy Halloween.

This is Halloween This is Halloween!

So on Thursday I experianced Halloween at the PNE 'Fright Nights'! It was so much fun to go with friends and I loved the spirit of the place and thankfully it did not rain the whole night. There were a handful of haunted houses, a bunch of rides(half of which I didn't go on due to my sensitivity to spinning), and actors dressed as monsters and horror movie characters. It felt very much like Halloween night! I went on the roller coaster (is it just called the 'Coaster'??) twice because it was a letdown after the coarkscrew. We were able to take a few pictures when we weren't screaming our faces off or running from corpses. I think everyone had fun at one point or another. I also won a frog for Hiku from whom I was seperated at the time and then later when I met up with the rest of the group, I saw Hiku waving the exact same frog at me victoriously! XD So now we have twin frogs...they're cute at least and I don't have many frogs. I had forgotten how yummy mini-donuts are! We ate some and shared some...with some of the costumed actors!! They were wearing masks so they couldn't eat them but they were thrilled and then they went around trying to feed it to passerbyers. ha ha

One of my favorite areas was the carnival where the clowns hung out. I loved all of them! The funhouse was a new experiance because we were given 3-D glasses and had to find our way around the neon splattered rooms. There were clowns EVERYWHERE but only a few were actors but one got me quite well and of course I was in the front so I screamed like a ninny. There was a cute little green clown outside who also scared me but we made friends with her and took pictures later on. There was also a sexy elegant clown who was creepy but amazing with sexy goth strapped boots up to the knees. Another clown who entertained us was a scar-faced peddler who repetedly detatched then stuck his red nose on his finger and poked it at people at at camera lenses. We laughed so much.

We came across a very tall and polite Freddy, a moving gargoyle, two small house-elflike creatures, a curious werewolf who enjoyed inspecting us at a close range, psych-ward patients, and Leatherface! He was the last one we saw at the EXIT but we were able to get a few pictures of him before we left.

The last two days have consisted of mostly TV, junk food, Silent Hill 3, computering, sleeping and thinking that Halloween is over when really.......there's still 1 day before!!!!!!!!!!!! Today...since its 4am now, we will head over to mum and dad's where we will have a mini halloween party and then Sunday we'll have a friend Halloween get-together in Kigurumis! Today though I do want to dress up in something more. I'm thinking of wearing my pirate costume with Malice Mizer syle makeup ;)



So yesterday got to bed at...um like 2am. Had turned the AC off in my sleep & then when it was still dark outside I heard metal playing, Dethklok to be exact. Apperantly Hiku in the other room was listening to the 'Awaken' song on the cell. Then I went to brush my teeth because I wanted to. It was 6:30 so technically it was morning. . .right??

Hiku: oh~ you're awake??

Me: yeah, I heard music playing...XJapan? Dethklok?

Hiku: oops, Dethklok's 'Awaken' on my phone.

Me: That's so metal.

Hiku: sorry, did I wake you? :L

Me: Well yaaaa, 'AWAKEN! AWAKEN! AWAKEN!' what did you expect me to do? XD

Yeaaaaahhhhhhhhh, lol, I was planning on running a few errands today...but now I just want to be a lump on a log but then I have a hair appointment at noon. (x - X) Wunder how long that'll take. I wanna draw stuff and eat stuff and watch muuuuvies and um. . .oh, I scared the poo cheeze outta my cat. Like actually. He did this funny dance with all his limbs going into a cunvulsion, twitchy-twist movement and he jumped in the air. This all happened in like a second. I would have wanted to see it in slow-mo. XD I didn't think I could scare him that much. Poor mr.Chiba. Sooooorrrryyyyyyyy.

Maybe I will go drop something off very soon. Gotta put on sum clothes...i guess and pocket some of my laundry money for the bus. I really don't wanna go but otherwise I will feel very unaccomplished and I won't do anything until next week.

friends & sheep

Well, today I went over to celebrate my little bro's birthday. I took Capt. Wooly and showed her off a little of course! :3 I can already rotate her limbs! I luv it!! ^_^ Anyway, on the way back I stopped in to pick up some snacks (rice crackers) and met up with a friend I haven't seen for months! ^__^ we talked a bit and it was nice. We hugged and said goodbye and when I got home I got my clothes from the line outside and now I'm relaxing. Guess what I'm watching?? 'Black Sheep'!!! 8D Its amazing!!!!!!! its sooooo many fluffy sheeeep!!! There's one part where the car is stuck on the road because its surrounded by a mass of sheep! :3 I told hiku that if that were me there, i'd get out and crowd-surf over them and float around the fluffy fleecey mass of cuteness!! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* I want to own this movie! mwa ahhahahahahaa.

Also, we'll probably finish 'the Daisy Chain' online after it finishes loading. Tomorrow.....after my 4hours (my arms are sooooooooooooooooooooo sore!!) i'll probably do laundry because we'll be gone for the weekend. Friend time! :D


How can this beeee??!?!?!?! EVEN IN A GROCERY STORE!!! D8 the princess is present everywhere...............